This blog is a Town Hall to rally Temecula parents and citizens to promote conservative Christian candidates for our local school board, city council and district attorney.

We want to encourage our fellow citizens to expect our elected school board and city council members to adhere to traditional American values and the existing rule of law. Here you will help identify and replace those incumbents who prioritize special interest groups receiving special treatment rather than equality for all.

Welcome to Temecula Christian Soldiers

Temecula Unified School Board Members

Temecula City Council Members

This is our Community Bulletin Board where neighbors can call out our elected officials and our neighborhood business for good or bad.

After last years election success where three conservative Christians were elected to the school board and we would like to add to that success. This coming election we have two board members up for reelection Allison Barclay and Steven Schwartz. Please join the discussion below on what kind of job they are doing and whether they should be replaced with more conservative Christian candidates to keep our foundation strong.

City Councils need to follow the rule of law and prioritize regulations that are best for the majority of our citizens Allowing special interests to circumvent existing law, for whatever reason is simply wrong. This coming election we have two incumbents up for reelection in districts Two & Four; Jessica Alexander and James Stewart. Please join the Comments below to help determine if they are helping or harming our city and who might be a better replacement.

Do Children belong to the state or their parents?

God created and designed the family to be best with one man and one woman married for life to raise children. He so expected the parents to raise and be responsible for children that he sprinkled instructions for the parents throughout the Scriptures. Christians and all other religions have always accepted that the parents are the sole responsibility of their children. That was unchallenged across the world until around 1848 when Karl Marx published his communist manifesto with proclamations such as "My objective in life is to dethrone God and destroy capitalism" and "From the moment a child can be separated from it's mother it is be educated in state institutions" and of course "the theory of communism can be summed up in one sentence" Abolish all private property" including the ultimate private property Your Children. Most of the world rightfully thought Karl Marx nuts and today only a few countries like China and Cuba and Progressives in America subscribe to that theory. Unfortunately these American Progressives make up the majority of school boards and city councils and they are promoting the highly Marxism belief that "children belong to all of us". That is true for communism, but it is not true with any biblical scriptures. Our American government is encroaching on our American Parent Child relationship. God instructed parents not the government with raising children. That contract was with the Parent, the Child and God only. The government has nothing to do with it. Unless you would rather believe in progressive communism than God?

Local Temecula Topic by local Ad Min

Temecula Valley Unified School District is being targeted by The State & Gavin Newsome for exercising their administrative right to oversee the local school district and the type of reading material available to elementary school students. Our local board is balking at the state's demands that we keep God out of the classrooms, but allow explicit sexual and pedophilia content into elementary school classrooms. What could possibly go wrong with that?

The best civilizations are governed from the ground up - from the local level. And the best civilizations teach their children well. Children are the foundation the future success of each community is grounded on. American Christian Soldiers believes that that foundation should be based on two main principles, God and the rule of law. Deviation from either invites immorality and chaos. Having the proper guidance is very important at the school boards and city councils for community success. So let's get the proper people in to guide us to a path of betterment.

Your School Board and your City Council